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A fine line between art and design.. A dual-layered design. While trying to add a strong statement to the design, it has a plain presence. A product standing on the fine line between art and design. Wood Barbados, which looks like a wood block set out on different levels, consists of Cobriza, Earth, Basalto, Carmin […]



A futuristic space perception.. Reflecting its spirit and creating a new personality by preserving little details, Zanzibar has a magnificent look. The product is the space’s attraction center and is available in Earth, Carmin, Anthracite and Blanca series. Zanzibar, which has a “cool” aura and is also creating a futuristic space perception with light and […]

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A dramatized design.. Named after a volcano in Philippines, Mayon emerged as a result of cutting the trees in that area sharply and flatly and reflecting this deluxe look onto the walls. Creating a dramatized design perception, the panel is available in Cobriza, Intenso and Carmin colors.

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To get hold of spirit of the time.. The most aesthetical state of aged tree look, Timber is representing an elegant style in addition to being an ideal product for any space. The product, which is a good alternative for those desiring to catch spirit of the time and use both new and old together, […]

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Fine details create major differences. Amazon forests are taking their place on the walls with a bark look. Amazon wall panel, which has the space under its spell and influences everyone like a versatile art object, is a reflection of the communication between design and nature. Being the determining factor of decoration regardless of where […]

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The built environment’s addiction to nature.. This brick wall layout, which shows the dependence of the built environment on nature, is a part of the process in which wild greens start winding the wall by locating themselves between bricks. With the organic combination of stone bricks and green, you can have unique surfaces in interiors […]



Nature’s inevitable evolution… This wall panel, which carries the traces of the long life and wisdom of it’s name source baobab tree, creates rustic influences in the spaces it is applied to. Baobab, which gives the feeling of nature’s inevitable evolution on its shell-like surface like the other Moss series decorative panels, is the one […]

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