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From organic forms to holistic function… This complex surface design, in which organically formed steel components acquire a holistic function, reflects the origins of steel and industrial influences of the industrial revolution in today’s spaces with a modern asymmetry. Like all other Steel series wall and ceiling coatings, Rootz becomes the design focus of the […]

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A brand new breath to the industrial style… G-Qube, one of the Steel Series products, takes it place in spaces as a symbol of the resistance of steel to time. The G-Qube, which has the textural traces of many processes and the impact of time on the surface, brings a new breath to the industrial […]

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Power and aesthetic in company‚Ķ Woxx wall panel is one of the most unique designs of the series, with steel plates strengthened by cross arms and the color palette formed on the surface by the time. Based on a symmetrical and modular construction, the panel design creates unique atmospheres by creating perfect combinations with other […]

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For those, who are dreaming of dynamic walls.. Meeting aesthetical and formal expectations exactly, Pizarra is ideal for those dreaming of dynamic walls. The model, which offers different alternatives for those desiring to make an ironic combination, blends design and art. It carries the slate’s structure, which is prestigious, long-lasting, easily-applicable and available to fasting […]

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The most realistic state of brutalist approach.. Created by piling cylindrically-cut wood blocks, Tocho is carrying the nature to the spaces in its simplest state. It arouses the feeling of greatness, wideness and being alone with the nature. Offering the most realistic state of brutalist approach, the product can make a space authentic or turn […]

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Reflection of minimalism on the walls.. Roca: today’s adaptation of walls, which was built by carving the rocks in first ages and formed the first wall building samples. Carrying the background of broken rocks in canyon and reflecting the minimalist trend on the walls, the product can be used with any decoration in any style […]

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