Ensure a successful installation each and every time with the most comprehensive assortment of innovative tile and stone installation materials available. LATICRETE® industry-leading products provide complete system solutions from the substrate up through the grout for virtually any type of tile or stone installation in commercial, industrial, and residential applications.

Product categories include adhesives and mortars, thick-bed mortars and screeds, grouts, caulks and sealants, sound control, uncoupling, anti-fracture, vapor reduction, waterproofing, shower system components, professional maintenance products for tile and stone and hardscapes – all designed to work together, providing a comprehensive, warrantied installation and ways to protect, clean and transform tile and stone projects for years to come.


Polymer based adhesive for fixing ceramic tiles
and small format natural stone on dry areas of
interior floor & interior wall up to a height of 3


High polymer modified adhesive for fixing tiles
and natural stone on interior and exterior floor
& wall.


A factory made bagged cementitious powder, containing Portland cement and silica sand, it can be mixed with water for installing small and medium size ceramic floor tiles in interior areas using the thinset method of installation


LATICRETE® 190 Sealer is an invisible, penetrating sealer which forms an invisible water repellent coating. Applied on marble, brick, limestone and mortar joints, it will seal the surface reducing staining and water absorption. It will not change the color of the stone and ceramic tile.

  • Interior and exterior sealer to protect installations
  • Seals mortar and plaster
  • Reduces the effect of efflorescence
  • Can be used as a grout release by treating ceramic tile before the application of grout
  • Repels water and rain


Tile joint (Grouts) fillers are used in the space between adjoining tiles laid either on the floor or walls. Traditionally, tiling is done by placing tiles close with white cement used to fill the tile joints instead of tile joint fillers. White cement tends to break easily, leading to dirty/ stained tile joints, water seepage and growth of fungus/ bacteria.

To overcome these problems, MYK LATICRETE® has introduced an innovative range of grouts which provide stain-free tile joints, are acid/ chemical resistant, non- cracking or powdering, anti- fungal & anti- bacterial


MYK LATICRETE STELLAR™ GROUT is a single component, high performance modified joint filling grout, which offers excellent colour uniformity, durability, stain protection, and beautiful grout joints in an easy-to-use, non-sag formula, with no hassle of mixing two packs or any other liquids like water or latex liquid.


MYK LATICRETE SP-100™ Tile Joint is a Stain Resistant, Water Resistant & Germ Resistant grout for Floor & Wall. MYK LATICRETE SP-100 Tile-Joint is suitable for ceramic tiles, vitrified tiles, marble and stone, especially in stain prone areas such as kitchens and washrooms.

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