A fine line between art and design..

A dual-layered design. While trying to add a strong statement to the design, it has a plain presence. A product standing on the fine line between art and design. Wood Barbados, which looks like a wood block set out on different levels, consists of Cobriza, Earth, Basalto, Carmin and Blanca series. Creating strong impacts with a modern decoration especially in wide spaces, minimalist and geometric of Wood Barbados is carrying the light and spiritual impact of abstract architecture to the spaces. Barbados Carmin, which has a special wood color and adds something to the space, is integrating the space with its dominant color and creating its own sensation. Although it reminds of an ambiance from old times, Barbados Basalto creates contemporary interiors with its cold, plain and matt look and is one of the most appreciated colors of Wood. Offering a use matching with light color decoration, Barbados Earth is profoundly suitable for offices, houses and stores.

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